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Balanced Life Team is about getting YOUR Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual & Financial HEALTH in BALANCE


Solutions and techniques to maintain or improve physical health even as you age!

Spiritual & Emotional

Advocating ancient healing practices and meditations to improve the mind - body connectivity. Creating focus, tranquility and performance.


Coaching that focuses on innovation to help students overcome obstacles.

We'll show you how to get outside the box!


After the Mind, Body & Spirit are aligned, you are ready to achieve Financial Freedom: having passive residual income that exceeds life's expense. We offer additional income as well as capital to cash flow  solutions.

We started Balanced Life Team to help you live a long, happy, and healthy life. 

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Webinars and Courses on topics developed so you won't get sidetracked by inconsistent information.

"I was looking for a healthy daily routine to stop the aging process. Balanced Like Team introduced me to Yin Fitness. Wow! I feel 20 years younger."

Amateur Golfer

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