Many products call themselves miracles. Some of those actually work.

Emulin is a revolutionary product developed by two time Nobel Prize nominated scientist, Dr. Joe Ahrens. He often says that if eMulin™ was discovered 50 years ago it would have been classified as a "vitamin". 

Modern day food processing has stripped certain compounds from our diet. These compounds are needed to metabolize sugars overly abundant in processed and genetically modified foods. Supplementation with 500 mg of Valentus  eMulin™ is the answer.

"I have been taking eMulin™ now for several months. At 74 my hair and my beard were snow white. No longer. I'm back to salt & pepper. Who knows whether or not my hair will return to 'all natural'. And my annual visit to the MD is no longer stressful as all my labs are perfect. Is it Emulin? All I know is I'm not stopping."

Bob Christadore September 2020


Valentus Prevail eMulin™ is an all-natural patented blend of 3 ingredients that work in synergy to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates, giving sustained energy throughout the day.


Most diseases today are categorized as inflammatory diseases. Digestive issues, lack of energy, heart disease, asthma, skin disorders, alzheimers, unmanageable weight gain, arthritis. Everyone suffers from chronic inflammation to some degree. But why? What is causing this health epidemic?


Through food processing and engineering over the last 100 years, we have unwittingly stripped our foods of previously undiscovered, critical compounds. These compounds are now impossible to obtain through diet.


Our breakthrough discovery is being hailed as groundbreaking. Compounds that were meant to be ingested with nearly everything we eat. Compounds that are now lost to our diets. The missing link to your health. A discovery set to turn the entire industry on its head.


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