Healing is a Journey

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2018

As an ancient philosopher said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

But what happens when you start to crap out at mile-post 10?

And how do you get the mental strength to go on for the next 990 miles?

Western medicine directs us to look outside ourselves for help.

If you’re dealing with a chronic condition, you have probably considered, or more likely, exhausted all the usual external resources; drugs, surgery, teeth-clenching physical therapy and doctors who tell you ‘there’s nothing more I can do. Learn to cope.’

Sometimes these external methods work. All too often they don’t.

I found out the hard way that true deep healing comes from within.

Years ago, I broke my neck and back and was paralyzed from the neck down. Following the advice of my Qigong Master, I spent the first year in a hot tub visualizing movement and the next six years painstakingly re-learning how to move again.

People ask me how did I find the...

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Uncategorized May 19, 2018

The key to life is health. If one is physically fit, mentally aware and in tune with nature, the chances of financial success increase exponentially.

But, if you have lived any kind of active life, and are older than 30 years old, you may not be as fit as you think. I know, you workout regularly, your weight is within 10 pounds of your weight in high school, and you don't use drugs. Even if that describes you, and I'll bet that's not many of our readers, you still have imbalances caused by injuries, one-sided sports. While you might not feel pain now, if you do nothing to correct the imbalance, you will experience pain eventually. And the longer it takes before you remove the imbalance, the more difficult the task.

What's the solution? Routines. Creating healthy routines including a daily exercise session to start each day. But not just any exercise program will do. Our newest course, lead by Joe Pinella, is called Healing Movements System. Joe calls it Your Daily...

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