Retune Your Golf Engine

Ask yourself these questions.

This is NOT a test, just an honest assessment:

Is your body really well-prepared to swing a golf club? 

Are you in pain before, during or after golf?

Is your mind confused about how to start the swing?

Is your brain cluttered with golf tips?

If you admitted: "Yes" to any....






Qi.Golf may be what you've been searching for!

Qi.Golf retrains your body and your mind to create perfect balance while in motion.

Qi.Golf eliminates compensation patterns that are the cause of golf related pain.

Qi.Golf eliminates golf paralysis.


Qi.Golf makes golf fun again!

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Qi.Golf - Play Pain Free 

Qi.Golf  trains you to use slow moving meditations to prepare your body for life and for golf.

It will train your body to be aligned and balanced at all times, but especially while in motion.

It will repair and prevent injuries and eliminate pain.

It is easy to do AND it's unbelievably effective.

It can be done anywhere, anytime you can find 10 minutes.

It will retrain your brain to the proper swing pattern to create effortless power.


The Qi.Golf  Masters' trainings are revolutionary even though Qigong, the basis for Qi.Golf,  is Centuries old.

Why? Because Qi.Golf applies  ancient Chinese and Tibetan energy practices to retrain the brain and the body to overcome lifelong compensation patterns - the cause of pain. 

Qi.Golf  then trains an efficient golf swing pattern that effortlessly flows that energy into the back of the ball!

It's that simple.

Become a Qi.Golf INSIDER



Joe has been training and healing people for 25 years after he used his own practice to recover from a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. It's an amazing and true story you'll learn more about at the Qi.Golf LIVE event.

Joe's training is based on Qigong, a centuries old healing practice that is perfect for everyone but especially for golf.

Why? It trains the body to be aligned at all times, especially when in motion. It is the predecessor to all martial arts, but unlike martial arts, it’s purpose is to heal first; and then, Qigong trains the fascia and muscles to fire in sequence & in balance - without trying!




Peter Croker has dedicated his life to understanding the great game of golf, firstly as a touring professional and then as a PGA golf coach.

His students have included golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year.

Among Peter's students and confidants are these household names: Arnold Palmer, Peter Thomson, Gary Player, Vijay Singh, David Graham, Graham Marsh, Kel Nagle, Bob Charles, Greg Norman, Ben Hogan, Paul Runyan, Tom Tomasello, Ben Doyle, Martin Chuck, and many others.

Together, these two master are molding what they teach into 1 cohesive program to

make your body be the engine

that swings the club without stress or pain to produce consistent results:

deadly accurate golf shots!

As golfers, we realize that being healthy is a prerequisite to play our best. With a retrained body plus a clear and concise swing process, you have the basis for a golf game that travels.

Will those two things alone make you great? No. But together they will be the key to having more and more enjoyment in golf.

You can be the best you can be by following these simple Qi.Golf principles:

  1. Learn movements to follow the Qi to get Healthier
  2. Learn the simple Qi.Golf swing keys that clear your mind of conscious swing thought
  3. Play golf, not golf swing. Enjoy the Hit!


When you incorporate it into your busy day you will:

  • Minimize and eventually eliminate pain
  • Feel better and more energetic each and every day that you do it, and
  • The best part: you can do Qi.Golf poses anywhere, any time, without props. You can do as little as 6 minutes each day with the upper limit entirely up to you.

Obviously, the more you do each day, the faster you’ll improve. You can break it down into 6-15 minute sessions throughout the day.

Can you think of a better respite from meetings, travel, computer work or whatever your day demands?

Qi.Golf Masters

Joe & Peter offer periodic training tips and refinements... 

Qi.Golf  Insider Only posts are a constantly increasing library of videos that focus on making Your Golf Engine work more efficiently.

You'll be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Your golf will improve daily with your practice and you will unconsciously apply energy from the club to the ball.


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