New Year's Evolution

Join us at the El Conquistador Resort in beautiful Tucson, AZ for this live event on January 4-6 2019

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This 1st Annual Event Offers A Lifetime Evolution, not a Resolution

Start the New Year, not with a resolution, but an Evolution. 

Learn how to fix your health for the rest of your life with our exciting speakers:

  •  Eric Edmeades, WildFit
  •  Dan Millman, Peaceful Warrior
  •  Joe Pinella, Healing Movements
  • Katelynn Louise, Pure Joy Cooking Academy
  • And many more...

Change your routines, change your health, change your life. 

Learn From Our Hand Picked Speakers

Our Speakers were selected to introduce or reinforce new health ideas that are sustainable and easy to make a part of your life.

The goal is to make your life the best it can be through routines that pay off without effort, meditations, habitat, energizing activities, nutrition, non-pharmaceutical supplements & disease prevention. Learn

  1. Why and how to change your relationship with food.
  2. Learn how to breath and move gently to heal and get fit.
  3. How to unlock your brain's hidden powers.
  4. How to achieve your goals and dreams easier than ever before.
  5. How to nourish your body with high vibe, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo friendly foods
  6. How to lose weight with ease
  7. How to feel confident in the kitchen with quick and delicious recipes
  8. How to change your daily routines to make your health improve each and every day and any age!

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Includes 2 Day Event Admission for 1 attendee, 

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El Conquistador Resort



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