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My Secrets to Healing 

Why You Want to Know...

25 years ago, I had an accident that left me a quadriplegic. Yes, you read that correctly. It took 7 long years but through testing different Qigong & Tai Chi Kung techniques, I  found the direct path to healing. As you can see from my current picture to the left, I am totally recovered and remain fit and vital today and will remain so for the remainder of my life. 

The eBook reveals My 9 Secrets that I used during my recovery and that I continue to teach today... Joe Pinella

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No More Pain

If you are feel pain, you have a problem. My Secrets explains how to move correctly to remove the problems you are experiencing and with them your pain. 

Slow Gentle Motion

Slow motion allows you to bypass bad movement habits. You cannot change bad habits without slowing down!

No Drugs

Drugs do not fix the problem. All they do is provide temporary relief with massive side effects. Healing movements is long term relief without disclaimers.



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